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vStory Technology

vStory's patent-pending technology results from extensive groundbreaking research by the company's founders. Synthespia's Computer-Aided Story Telling™ system (CAST™), is a unique system for describing and synthesizing drama or narrative from its constituent components. CAST uses a constraint-driven, multi-level simulation system. This architecture uses concepts from Computer Aided Engineering, for creating computer chips and from Computer Aided Software Engineering, for creating modern software. Synthespia's CAST technology reapplies these twenty-year-proven methodologies in the new area of drama-based presentations.

Your vStory campaign starts with a concise representation of your "sales story." The campaign design includes various branches based on customer data. These branches choose references to media content: video, audio, Flash™, PDF®, GIF, JPEG, HTML, and so on, including existing media assets and data-driven assets that are rendered on-the-fly, such as titles, informational graphics, etc. This extends the useful life of your existing communications media, controlling costs and production time.

From your completed vStory campaign design and from mass information about the recipients, Synthespia's Mass Personalization Engine creates, selects, and merges individual elements based on information about each specific, targeted recipient - that is, your customer. If you have 10,000 customers, there will be 10,000 creation, selection, and merge steps. This powerful capability gives you the opportunity to engage your audience on a one-to-one basis, with no limit to the number of points of personalization and the quantity and quality of rendered output.

The entire selection and merge process is automatic using a web-based, multi-tier, client/server model. At each production step, numerous automated quality control checks are applied. In addition, manual quality checks are performed at various points, ensuring your message is delivered accurately and precisely. Industrial process control techniques are combined with process retrospectives to guarantee message consistency and to minimize time and cost variations.

When all the selection and merging is complete, the resulting media content is staged to distribution servers and, if appropriate, email is sent. Next, automated metric management provides you with detailed feedback on recipient responses, so you can continually improve your messages and your ability to create the desired response. When it's time for the next campaign, you can reuse most of your vStory campaign design, dramatically cutting costs and time, while improving quality.

What makes vStory and CAST different from other approaches is the high-level representation of dramatic structure and a relentless focus on automation. Together, these afford a great deal of reusability and hence cost and schedule reduction. In turn, these make personalized, one-to-one, rich media feasible. The right message to the right person at the right time: that's the promise of CAST and the reality of vStory with the Mass Personalization Engine.



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