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The vStory Media Personalization Platform uses breakthrough, patent-pending technology to combine database information, data-driven points of personalization, and new or re-purposed media assets. Our creative and production services can use the vStory Media Personalization Platform to help you produce highly personalized vStory Campaigns.

The vStory Media Personalization Platform can also be integrated with your own existing technical infrastructure, including e-commerce servers, CRM solutions, online marketing solutions, content management solutions, ad servers, and more. Specific components include:

  • Mass Personalization Engine - the personalization engine based on Computer-Aided Story Telling™ (CAST™) Technology
  • Web API - hooks for two-way e-commerce, and more
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - transaction and data security
  • Content Management - your library of media assets
  • Render Manager - renders seamless digital video, Flash™, PDF®, web pages, email, and other rich media
  • vStory Campaign Generator - your campaign blueprint and control panel
  • vStory-on-Demand™ - personalize and deliver Rich Media on demand
  • Campaign Analytics - robust metrics


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