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vStory Media Personalization

The vStory Media Personalization Platform lets you mass produce and deliver thousands of offers, ads, and rich, compelling content highly individualized for each customer, each subscriber, each and every member of your audience.

Can you imagine the impact of your TV commercial personalized for each individual viewer?

vStory uses breakthrough, patent-pending technology to combine the emotional impact of video, Flash™, and Adobe Acrobat PDF® with the power of "one-to-one" database marketing. Personalized vStory campaigns deliver staggering results for online branding, new customer acquisition and retention, direct email, online advertising, increasing revenues, reducing marketing costs, and more. Use vStory in four ways:

    vStory Campaign™ - Work with our experts to design, produce, launch and manage your personalized vStory campaign to build your brand, improve customer retention, boost revenue. Deliver streaming video, Flash or Acrobat PDF with offers, messages, and content highly individualized for each customer via email or website. Re-use your existing content and reduce cost. Use powerful Campaign Analytics to monitor your campaign's effectiveness.

    Click Once/Buy Now - Add this exclusive vStory capability to your vStory Campaign to instantly close sales on the spot. This unique 'two-way e-commerce' feature embeds a smart order form in your offer, so your customers can purchase your product instantly with just a single click of the mouse.

    vStory-on-Demand™ - Use this cost-effective Web-based sales and marketing tool to deliver highly personalized vStory campaigns, sales presentations, marketing collateral, pitches and more right from your desktop! Convert qualified leads instantly with the Click Once/Buy Now feature.

    vStory Content-on-Demand™ - Integrate the vStory Media Personalization with your existing infrastructure to create innovative services and solutions, such as personalized streaming content for your customers, subscribers, channel partners, and more.

It is time to start getting personal! Get more value from your customer databases, put your libraries of excellent content to work, turn the tide on dwindling revenue and rising costs, cozy up to each and every one of your best customers. It's affordable, easy and you can start today!

For more information about how you can start getting personal with your customers, contact, or call 415.596.6341.



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