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A new, powerful way to reach prospects, one by one

From initial planning through distribution of your targeted video messages, our goal is a more effective sales campaign, one that leverages the power of dynamic personalization in each vStory. The process has three steps:


We design your vStory for personalization at three levels:

  • Factual: the facts of the story take into account the viewer’s name, title, company, buying history, etc.
  • Thematic: the look, feel, and sound of the video message is personalized specifically for the viewer.
  • Offer: the offer is customized to suit the viewer’s unique needs.

Synthespia’s database mining experts extract the personalization information from your existing customer data and, if needed, from third-party data.

Define the Content Shown to Each Viewer

Once the content is defined, we gather the ingredients for the vStory messages. We reuse any existing video, slides, animations, logos, music, and narration. These assets create the dynamically personalized video presentation. Don’t have assets and don’t want to create them? No problem: we can do it for you. Our experts include scriptwriters, on-camera narrators, graphic artists, and videographers.


We generate your vStory messages in the appropriate format and bandwidth for each viewer’s computer and network connection. Then we deliver the messages to you via the Internet. If you prefer, we can deliver them directly to your customers and track what happens.

New Business Revenue

vStory offers a new business stream to Advertising Agencies, Video Production Houses and Independent Producers.



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