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Privacy and Intellectual Property

What this document covers

Maintaining a clear understanding of who owns what is important for media projects. This brief document describes how Synthespia handles your private information, as a Synthespia client and as a recipient of a Synthespia message. The document also describes the ownership model for media, both the "raw" content that serves as input to the Synthespia vStory™ process and the resulting processed output.

This document is subject to change without notice.

Privacy: You own your data

We will use your mailing list and other data you provide only to deliver the services mutually agreed to. We will only share your data with others when:

  • Third parties that provide us with services requiring access to your data agree to substantially the same conditions as in this document. We share only the minimum information required.
  • Internet service providers, hosting companies, and other providers need the data in the usual course of delivering messages for you. For example, web pages must be hosted on a computer typically owned by a third party. We share only the minimum information required.
  • A legal process compels us to.

When we no longer need your mailing list and other data, we will delete it from online storage. It may remain on backup storage for an indeterminate time, however.

The Synthespia vStory ASP website implements a multi-level security system that conforms to generally accepted data security and data privacy principles. Our internal LAN machines are likewise protected. Employees and contractors are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and to conform to the principles and practices described in the NDA and in this document.

When a third party has the mailing list and won't share, we can create the email with serial numbers in place of email addresses. The third party will replace the serial numbers with the email addresses and manage sending the emails themselves. This option may carry a schedule and cost impact.

Intellectual Property: You own media assets, we own templates

We will use your logos, images, and other media assets to deliver the services mutually agreed to, for reasons such as cost reduction and consistent branding. We use them in our portfolio to show others the work we have done. We will not reuse your assets in any other way without your permission. And under no circumstances will we use your media assets in a way that might cause confusion or to disparage you or your products or services.

We retain ownership of any templates and computer programming we create, so that we can reuse this material for future projects, for you and for other Synthespia clients. These materials are clearly marked with a Synthespia copyright notice or ownership notice whenever practical. When we reuse these materials, any remnant information about you is removed.

Website privacy

On the Internet, cookies and log files are often used to track website visitors. Cookies can retain small bits of information about your past visits to our website and can be set to expire (vanish) after a certain time. We don't currently use cookies, but we may do so in the future.

Log files typically correlate information about hostnames, IP addresses, and web resources used. A log file entry might tell us that your computer visited our website at some particular time and retrieved some particular web page. We occasionally use log files for various reasons including maintenance and repair of our website and finding out what parts of our website work well and what parts need redesign.

On our website and in the emails we send, we may use web forms to ask you for information. The information you give us will generally be used to provide you with products and services you have requested and to offer you information about related products and services. The information may also be used for other purposes, although we don't currently do so.

The Synthespia website uses generally accepted security practices. In some cases, we use industry-standard encryption mechanisms to protect information in transit between our computers and yours. Because we don't control the communication path between your computers and ours, we can't guarantee that information you provide over the web will be transmitted securely or received correctly.

Metrics Data

When recipients of Synthespia messages receive, view, and respond to those messages, information is generated about their activities. We collect that information for each campaign and make it available to the client for the campaign. The client may use this information for any purpose. For example, the client might direct outbound sales efforts to the most interested customers.

  • To improve the effectiveness of additional messages for this and other clients
  • To track the popularity of various web media formats, e.g., Windows vs. Apple vs. Real vs. Macromedia.
  • To generate case studies and other marketing-related information that helps us sell.

For more information

Protecting intellectual property rights is important to us. If you have questions or comments, please contact David Schachter,, +1 415 948 6769. Thank you for your time and interest.