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Jay Tompt
Synthespia, Inc.
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Synthespia Launches vStory Digital Publishing Solution
Industry-first breakthrough offers robust user tracking and personalization

San Francisco, CA – May 29, 2003 – Synthespia, a leading provider of rich media personalization solutions, today announced vStory One-to-One Publishing™, providing publishers of electronic magazines with greatly expanded capabilities for reaching targeted readers with tailored ads, directed offers and specific coupons. For the first time, publishers will be able to present to advertisers exposure figures for each individual subscriber, for both targeted ads and full-run insertions.

vStory One-to-One Publishing offers the industry’s most comprehensive subscriber tracking, automated circulation building, and targeted advertising. Advertisers gain greater insight into customer browsing behavior and interests. Publishers can automatically collect readership information and metrics, improving the match between content and reader needs and multiplying available ad inventory.

"This is the kind of technology breakthrough that will transform the online publishing model," said David Schachter, Synthespia President and CEO. "Advertisers and publishers both win, through more targeted advertising and more efficient utilization of ad space. And readers win with editorial and advertising content that is more relevant to their specific concerns."

The vStory One-to-One Publishing solution is based on the tested and proven vStory Media Personalization Platform and includes:

  • automated personalized publishing in PDF® (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) with optional, robust Digital Rights Management

  • automated circulation-building and lead generation features, such as Pass-Along Tracking™, Tell-a-Friend article sharing, and Personalized Reprints™

  • exclusive Tracking Metrics that report individual user clicks and compile comprehensive user profile data in real-time, and without the use of cookies or plug-ins

  • vAIM™, (vStory Ad Inventory Multiplier™) a patented ad targeting feature that interfaces with ad servers to create more efficient ad space utilization

  • personalized ad targeting including ClickOnce/Buy Now™ e-commerce, individualized offers, and online coupons

The vStory Media Personalization Platform (vMPP) is a comprehensive personalization solution. It is a technology suite that mass-produces highly personalized electronic content, such as video, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, websites, and email. The vMPP is an enterprise-level solution designed to meet the growing demand by large-scale advertisers, online marketers, and major corporations for better tools to individually target millions of customers with custom messages and special offers.

Synthespia, Inc. is a privately-funded San Francisco company focused on developing practical solutions to the problem of mass producing and delivering highly personalized rich media to desktops, devices and living rooms. Synthespia currently offers the most powerful personalization technology available for streaming video, Flash™, and PDF®. The company roster includes experts at multimedia software and content, including a BAFTA winner and two Emmy award winners. More information is available at: