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Jay Tompt
Synthespia, Inc.
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Synthespia Introduces Personalized Advertising Technology
That Knows Your Name

Imagine TV commercials produced just for you, Steve

San Francisco, CA — April 3, 2003 — Synthespia, a leading provider of rich media personalization solutions, today announced its vStory Media Personalization Platform, a technology suite that can mass-produce highly personalized electronic content, such as video, Flash, Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF), Websites, and email. The vStory Media Personalization Platform is designed to meet the growing demand by advertisers, online marketers, and large corporations for better tools to individually target millions of customers with custom messages and special offers.

"Large advertisers have lots of data about each of their customers but have been unable to act on it effectively because the tools haven't been available," said Craig Shields, Partner, Patrick Marketing Group (, a San Francisco-based agency. "Synthespia's vStory Media Personalization Platform is the breakthrough we've all been waiting for to truly deliver on the promise of 'one-to-one' marketing."

The vStory Media Personalization Platform works by combining dynamically generated video and audio clips, animations, graphics, etc. according to customer profiles derived from data mining customer databases. Profiles derived from data mining may incorporate numerous variables that include buying histories, demographics, psychographics, and other information that can reveal customer "hot buttons" or potential buying behavior. A highly individualized streaming video, Flash, or PDF file is rendered for each unique individual recipient and delivered via the Web, email or digital TV.

"Imagine the emotional impact of a TV commercial tailored just for you, with your name, your home town, your account history, all your 'hot buttons'," said Synthespia President and founder, David Schachter. "Our technology makes that kind of highly personalized communication possible, whether it's video through the Web, a set-top box or your mobile phone."

The vStory Media Personalization Platform can be integrated with an advertiser's own marketing technology infrastructure, such as ad servers, content management servers, customer relation management systems (CRM), or be accessed as a service through Synthespia or its partners.

Specific functional components of the vStory Media Personalization platform include:

  • Mass Personalization Engine - the personalization engine based on Computer-Aided Story Telling™ (CAST™) Technology
  • Web API - hooks for Two-Way e-commerce, and more
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - transaction and data security
  • Content Management - your library of media assets
  • Render Manager - renders seamless digital video, Flash™, PDF®, web pages, email, and other rich media
  • vStory Campaign Generator - your campaign blueprint and control panel
  • vStory-on-Demand™ - personalize and deliver Rich Media on demand
  • Campaign Analytics - robust metrics

Synthespia, Inc. is a privately-funded San Francisco company focused on developing practical solutions to the problem of mass producing and delivering highly personalized rich media to desktops, devices and living rooms. Synthespia currently offers the most powerful personalization technology available for streaming video, Flash™, and PDF®. The company roster includes experts at multimedia software and content, including a BAFTA winner and two Emmy award winners. More information is available at: