"All politics is local...again."
This demo of deep personalization shows why.
alice.jpg (23854 bytes) Alice just bought a home at 454 Yellow Orchid Lane and registered two children in local schools. Let's tell her about Congressman Smith's dismal record on pollution in terms that are very relevant to her and her family.

If Alice chooses the "Get Involved!" link in her message, a "door knock" instant message is sent to the campaign, or to a block captain for Alice's neighborhood, or other volunteer. An email is sent to a collecting mailbox for auditing.

bob.jpg (25804 bytes) Bob is Alice's neighbor, a senior citizen. He's owned 452 Yellow Orchid Lane for 43 years. We're going to give him the same message, but with language that makes sense for him and his wife.
steve and kevin Steve and Kevin bought a home together, next door to Alice. We found out about Steve and Kevin from the Stonewall Democratic Club. We're going to give them the same message in language that makes sense for them.
These demos are based on an ad from the Democratic Campaign Committee website.

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