Dear Mike,

This is no ordinary email.

Since you are a member of the PMG online community, you probably have a continuing interest in learning about the marketing techniques being utilized successfully by the world's top companies.

One area that is especially hot right now is one-to-one personalized campaigns. For instance, here is a video clip that we've made on the subject -- personalized to you.

Click here for your personal video.

If done properly, the more profile information you embed in a piece like this, the better the response, because it demonstrates that you've gone to the effort to learn about the person you're trying to reach. This creates a tighter affinity, and effectively differentiates your message from spam.

Here's another example from the direct mail arena where we use digital printing to embed information from five different data fields:

Click here for slide show.

Should you like more information on this, please feel free to give us a call.

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Gary Patrick
Patrick Marketing Group
+1 800 721 8287

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